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With more than 24 million Bendix brakes on the road today, Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC is the name you can count on. We're your single complete source for wheel-end solutions. Look to us for the full range of foundation brake products, including Bendix®, Formula Blue® and Spicer® branded foundation brake service parts, as well as all-makes coverage of nearly 50,000 medium- and heavy-duty aftermarket parts.

Press Releases

May 16, 2018
National Tire Safety Week: Pressure Matters, Today And Down The Road April 25, 2018
Bendix Opens New Industrial Production Lab For Technical School Students In Acuña, Mexico April 20, 2018
Bendix Celebrates Earth Day 2018 April 11, 2018
Bendix Marks Global Remanufacturing Day

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An In Depth Look at RSD

BSFB explores the impact and solutions surrounding the federal reduced stopping distance (RSD) regulation.

Relining an RSD equipped vehicle?

Bendix advises that you ask your friction supplier for evidence of compliance.

Improving Highway Safety

Our advanced technologies that contribute to vehicle safety.